Spencer Figueroa

MFC #45991
Areas of Expertise:

Anxiety (Panic, Phobia, & Social), Depression, Mood Disorders, Shame Reduction, Co-dependency, Addiction, Couples, Phase of Life Issues

Spencer Figueroa received his Bachelors Degree from University of the Pacific and Master's Degree from Antioch University. He is the Director of Fig Tree Therapy Center and has been a practicing psychotherapist for ten years.

He has experience treating high risk teenagers and their families in L.A. Unified School District. Additionally, he has been the Primary Therapist at Journey Malibu where he treated individuals and groups struggling with various addictions and co-occurring disorders. He also led and managed a large group psychotherapy practice before becoming the Director of Fig Tree Therapy Center.

He is skilled in helping clients with a number of challenges, most notably, addiction, shame, anxiety and depression.

He believes client development and growth comes primarily from ones ability to step into what is uncomfortable. "These experiences stretch us and strengthen our capacity to tolerate life's challenges. With each choice to experience things head on, the psyche becomes more resilient and more capable of the next experience. These opportunities are to be welcomed not avoided."

He utilizes existential, interpersonal and relational modalities to help clients gain self-awareness, self-efficacy and get connected to their will, responsibility and action.

He believes momentum is created with a high level engagement and synergy between therapist and client. His primary interest is that clients are feeling progress from therapy and meeting their objectives. He actively supports clients in the execution of the awareness they have gained outside of therapy.

Office Phone: 310.712.3411

Online: Email info@figtree.la or use the form below to book an appointment.

Location: 714 West Olympic Blvd Suite 704, Los Angeles, CA 90015

Practice Hours: Mon-Fri 8am-9pm, Sat-Sun 9am-6pm

Fig Tree Therapy Center is easy to find, located in the historic Petroleum Building right in the heart of downtown LA, just a short walk from the metro rail drop off at Pico Station and 7th and Metro.

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