Diana Wilson

MFC #84694
Areas of Expertise:

Anxiety, Depression , Mood Disorders, ADHD , Trauma and Stressor-Related Disorders, Anger Management, Substance-Related and Addictive Problems, Adjustment, Relationship Issues

I work primarily with adults and adolescents dealing with depression, anxiety, stress management, ADHD, substance use, and anger management, as well as problems in relationships, effects of trauma, and grief and loss. My approach is to use a combination of psychodynamic therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, and mindfulness-based techniques.
I work to create a relationship with my clients built on acceptance and understanding in which they can explore issues they are struggling with and lower their defenses. My goal is to help them gain insight, get in touch with their emotions and discover automatic programs that are driving their behavior. I encourage them to release outdated ways of functioning in the world so that they can become free of self-limiting thoughts and behaviors and get their needs met. I employ cognitive behavioral strategies to help clients identify and reframe self-defeating thoughts, make behavioral changes, and challenge inner barriers.
I received a Master’s Degree in Clinical Psychology from Pepperdine University and a Master of Arts in Educational Psychology from the University of California, Riverside. I have provided individual psychotherapy for adults and adolescents dealing with depression, anxiety and trauma-related concerns in a community mental health center and through a program funded by DCFS. I also worked with children with emotional and behavioral issues at a facility in Culver City. In addition, I have provided psychotherapy for adults struggling with substance dependence and co-occurring disorders in a substance abuse treatment center in Torrance.

Office Phone: 310.712.3411

Online: Email info@figtree.la or use the form below to book an appointment.

Location: 714 West Olympic Blvd Suite 704, Los Angeles, CA 90015

Practice Hours: Mon-Fri 8am-9pm, Sat-Sun 9am-6pm

Fig Tree Therapy Center is easy to find, located in the historic Petroleum Building right in the heart of downtown LA, just a short walk from the metro rail drop off at Pico Station and 7th and Metro.

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